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Envirolyte Technology turns 'salt into
sanitiser' - revolutionising the sanitising world
with it's on-site system producing benign,
yet powerful solutions for cleaning, disinfecting
and sterilising:

Envirolyte ANK Neutral Anolyte is approved for
potable water, process water; meat, fish and game
pack houses as a surface sanitiser (no rinse), a
hand-wash,and food rinse water.Full contact to
product. Approved Dairy maintenance compound,
for use in farm dairies.


NZFSA Approved: C61, for Potable Water Treatment

Anolyte is a powerful sanitiser,with no toxic chemicals.
Fully bio degradeable compounds break down to water
with no toxic residues
Simple to use, Anolyte will treat tank water safely, quickly and effectively. Anolyte will protect your family from pathogens that may grow from the water collected from your water source: roof, river or spring.

Eliminate Faecal coliforms and E Coli quickly

-just add(0.1%)Anolyte into your storage tank, Easy,
Your water should taste and smell fresh.Your Water source
may be of poor quality, just adfd more Anolyte until it is palatable without odours.

Kills pathogens. For total pathogen / microbial control, Anolyte is lethal to spores,viruses, bacteria - phage, bacteria, yeast and moulds, algae,fungus and mildews.
NZFSA Potable water approved

Totally safe treating drinking water for all water-borne pathogens; including E Coli,Legionaires and
Guardia,Staphylococcus Aureus,& Pseudomonas Aug.

Made in New Zealand
Treatment Hints:

Add 1 Litre Anolyte for every 1000 litres of water(0.1%) in your storage tank.

ie: 25000 litre tank-- 25 litres Anolyte

Dose after a heavy rainfall -- deal to those roof deposits flushing into your tank water.

-To extend the shelf life of your water, remove the ditrius that house pathogens that accumulate on the bottom of the tank

-Divert surplus rain water in winter

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