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Wal's Holes cover all aspects of earth moving and transport cartage work.They have a good range of equipment including:

We have 4 diggers: 1 is (Bubba)1.6 tonnes, 1 at 5.5 tonnes, 1 at 7.5 tonnes and 1 at 8.4 tonnes. They all have a Dozer blade and offset boom to allow digging close to walls and other objects. Our diggers all come equiped with a "Tilting Quick Hitch" which allows quick changing of buckets and attachments to save time and money. All buckets and attachments can be tilted up to 70% to enable digger operation in extremely awkward places and angles. Each digger is delivered to site on our own Tiptrucks, complete with a range of buckets 230mm to 1.7m wide. They have a Auger drive with hole boring augers up to 1m diameter. Each digger can share a plate compacitor Rock and Concrete breaker, and pile drivers and tree mulcher. All diggers have steel tracks. This doesn't mean it is heavy and dangerous. A 7.5ton diggers ground pressure is only 33KPA (less than your car). Boards can be laid on concrete to stop the tracks scratching or we supply rubber mats. Other diggers can be hired in when needed - for example, a large 15-20 ton for the heavy work. All operated by our experienced operators.


We have two, one rubber tyred for fast,speedy turning work. It comes with a four in one bucket that opens up to release metal or dirt and is very handy for grabbing things. This machine is 1.55 metres wide has a lifting height of 3 metres and can travel at 12 km per hour

The rubber tracked bobcat is outstanding on wet ground with four-in-one bucket that reaches to 3.8m high the width is 1.75m, the speed is 12km per hour.


1. Augered Holes - up to 4m deep and 1m diameter.

2. A Landscape Rake - which has tynes to fill the ground, pick up sticks and stones, and prepare soil for seeding.

3. Levelling Bar - to level soils humps and bumps.

4. Vibrating Roller - to metal and soil compaction, used in house floors driveways etc.

5. Mulcher - for grass, scrub, braken etc

6. Power Rake - to hoe up and reshape metal drivways and races.

7. Walk-Behind Plate Compactor - for the awkward areas.

Each Bobcat is delivered on our own tip truck.


Tip Trucks We operate 5 large Tippers with 3 axles they carry 10 ton that is 7 metres of metal or 10 metres of dirt. We also have a very handy small tipper for small loads and awkard places, up to 3 ton or 3 metres soil or 2 metres os metal.


4 Wheel Drive HIAB
This truck is 4 wheel drive and is quite often used to ferry loads of building supplies from bigger trucks onto awkward building sites. The crane can lift about 3 ton close to the truck. A auger attachment enables the vehicle to reach out 10 metres to drill holes as deep as 13 metres up to 1 metre in diameter. Much of this truck's work is drilling offal holes.


The Kanga is a mini skid steered loader excavator which is only 1046mm wide. We have an auger a rock breaking and trenching attachments. It is ideal for those jobs where space is restricted.


Bomag Roller