Excavator Hire

excavator hire whangareiWal’s Works covers all aspects of earth-moving and cartage. We currently have 4 diggers and 2 bobcats with a wide range of attachments suitable for all kinds of excavation work, drilling, trenching and more. In addition, we operate a miniature bobcat also known as a kanga as well as a 4WD crane truck or hi-ab. Our highly trained and experienced operators deliver all our machines on site using our own tip trucks. Because of our wide range of equipment and attachments, we can offer various services all in one, making Wal’s Works your one-stop-shop for all earthwork projects.

Digger Hire

We currently have 4 diggers or skid steel loaders, the smallest being 1.7 tonnes, one at 5.5 tonnes and our twobiggest ones at 8.4 tonnes each. These are commonly used for digging holes to bury farm animals, for house site excavations, forming and metalling driveways as well as general demolition work. Our diggers are compatible with our auger attachments to bore holes up to 4m in depth and 1m in diameter. They can also be used with our walk-behind plate compactors, rock and concrete breakers, pile drivers and tree mulchers.

Each digger comes with a dozer blade and offset boom to allow digging close to walls and other objects as well as a range of buckets from 230mm to 1.7m wide. They are also equipped with a “Tilting Quick Hitch” which allows quick changing of buckets and attachments to save time and money. All buckets and attachments can be tilted up to 70% to enable digger operation even in extremely awkward or hard to access places and angles.

All our diggers have steel tracks, but we keep the impact low by either providing rubber mats or placing boards on concrete structures to stop the tracks from scratching. If your project requires larger machinery, we can supply other diggers upon request such as large 15 to 20 ton machines for heavy work. Our operators are trained to use all kinds of machinery safely and efficiently.

bobcat hire

Bobcat Hire

We currently have two bobcats available for hire, one on tyres and one on rubber tracks. Bobcats are the perfect choice for fast and speedy movement or spreading of metal and soil, fixing washed-out driveways or cleaning up slips on Council walking tracks.

The rubber-tracked bobcat is outstanding on wet ground with a four-in-one bucket that reaches up to 3.8m high and has a width of 1.75m with speeds up to 12km per hour. The bobcat on tyres also comes with a four-in-one bucket that opens up to release metal or dirt and is very handy for grabbing items. This machine is 1.55m wide with a lifting height of up to 3 metres and speeds of up to 12 km per hour.

Our bobcats can easily be turned into hole-drillers or mulchers using our wide range of attachments.

kanga hire

Kanga Hire

In addition to our 2 main bobcats, we also offer a miniature bobcat or so-called kanga. The kanga is a mini skid-steered loader excavator which is only 1046mm wide. It is compatible with our auger attachment, the rock-breaker and the trenching attachment and ideal for those jobs where space is severely restricted.


We have a range of attachments for our diggers, bobcats and kanga that can be easily switched between machines and used for a large variety of earthworks.

Auger attachment

Augers are most efficient for drilling holes in the ground and can easily deal with materials such as concrete or rocky soil. Our augers are able to drill holes up to 1m in diameter.

Landscape Rake

Give your worksite the perfect finish with our landscape rake. Designed to remove debris, smaller rocks and unwanted roots, this attachment has tines and is therefore also able to pick up stones and sticks and fill the ground, preparing the soil for seeding.

Levelling Bar

This versatile attachment levels out soils humps and bumps and helps spread out material such as wood chips in a short amount of time, making your terrain flat and accessible.

Vibratory Roller

Commonly used on driveways, this attachment ensures smooth and uniform compaction of materials such as metal, sand, gravel and soil.


Our mulching attachment easily removes grass, scrub, bracken and more, making it ideal for clearing firebreaks, land clearing and maintenance of park and forestry trails by clearing trees and bushes in places that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Power Rake

This attachment allows us to grade, rake and remove debris all in one go. The power rake is also suitable to hoe up and reshape pot-holed and corrugated metal driveways and races.

Walk-Behind Plate Compactor

If a construction project requires a stable surface, our plate compactor is used to compress soil and gravel even in awkward areas. It’s extremely effective in trenching, ground levelling, driving in or pulling out posts, sheet piling and other construction work.

If you would like to find out more about our excavation machinery and attachments and how Wal’s Works can help you get your next earthworks project underway, give Keith and his team a call today.