welding services whangareiHere at Wal’s Works, we have recently expanded our range of services and are now offering welding of various kinds of material. We offer light welding with blades from 3 to 4mm to heavy welding with blades from 5 to 12mm and up to 20mm. Most types of work can be done at our workshop, but we are also able to carry out welding jobs on-site if needed.

We have different methods of welding available, allowing us to work with various grades of steel, aluminium and other materials such as plastic. Among common projects are work on boat engines and supplying parts as well as general engineering and fabrication.

Aluminium MIG

Welding aluminium is trickier than steel due to the combination of its low melting point and high heat conductivity. Using MIG or metal inert gas for aluminium welds is one of the more complicated welding processes. However, MIG also allows for more flexibility.Hereby, two metal pieces are joined together by using a shielding gas along a wire electrode which in turn heats the metal.

Stainless Steel MIG and TIG

Loved in the building industry for its durability and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel can be welded using a range of methods. However, it retains heat very efficiently, making welding slightly more difficult or risking warping and distortion. We use MIG and TIG for stainless steel, whereby TIG, using a tungsten electrode to produce the weld, is most commonly used to weld together thick sections. It’s known for precision and finesse, while MIG is the better choice for projects that rely on speed, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Arc Welding

Both, MIG and TIG are types of arc welding where the heat needed to melt the metal is produced by an electric arc formed between the material and an electrode which is guided along the joint. The electrode typically is a rod or wire specifically prepared for the material to be welded. It conducts the current while also melting and supplying filler metal to the joint. Arc welding became important in the shipping industry during World War II and is still most important for the fabrication of steel structures and vehicles.

Mild Steel MIG Welding

Mild steel contains of iron and carbon and is more cost-effective than stainless steel. It is also recyclable; however, it does not have a high resistance to corrosion unless applied with an appropriate surface protection. Using MIG welding on mild steel means that results can be produced much faster, lowering the cost of the process as well.

Plastic Welding

At Wal’s Works, we supply and install Aqua plastic water tanks and also provide ongoing maintenance, including plastic welding to repair leaks.

Whether you want something fixed or made, bring it to us and we can help you. To find out more about our welding services, contact Wal’s Works today.