Water Tanks

water tanks whangareiHere at Wal’s Works, we sell and install concrete and Aqua plastic water tanks within the greater Whangarei area and elsewhere in Northland upon request. Tanks range from 500 to 31,000 litres and will usually be delivered and installed within a couple of weeks depending on demand.

Concrete Tanks

Whether you opt for concrete or plastic is mostly a matter of preference. Concrete can be buried underground, withstands fire better and keeps the water cool due to its high insulation abilities. However, concrete is more expensive and, depending on your location, might not be a suitable choice because of its weight and bulkiness.

Aqua Tanks

These tanks are made from food grade polyethylene and are UV-resistant, 100% recyclable and unlike concrete can withstand earthquakes. They are more cost-effective than a concrete tank and can easily be handled by a digger, which makes delivery and installation a lot easier. Aqua Tanks come with a 10-year warranty for above ground tanks and 5 years for underground installation.

Site Preparation

Our highly skilled machine operators will prepare the site for installation when your tank is being delivered by one of our tip trucks. Mostly, the area your water tank is supposed to go on will need to be levelled and it needs to be on original ground due to safety reasons. Consider accessibility when choosing a site as emergency services may need to be able to get to it.

Repairs and Maintenance

In order to get the most out of your water tank, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. If your concrete or plastic tank is leaking, we can fix and repair it by backfilling the concrete or welding the plastic back together. We also offer substantial tank cleaning and sanitizing services to ensure the quality of your water.

Cleaning and Sanitising

Concrete tanks should be given a cement wash every few years to prevent lime leaching into the water. At Wal’s Works, we can clean your concrete and water tanks without the need to empty the tank simply by vacuuming the tank floor.The whole process only wastes between 500 and 1000 litres and we can fill your tank at the same time. We also offer a water tank treatment called Anolyte to kill any bacteria in the water. Anolyte is completely free of chemicals and cleans, disinfects and sterilises your tank with the use of electrolytes.

If you already have a water tank, but have run out of water, call Wal’s Works for a refill. Our water tank can carry 10,000 litres of water. Depending on availability, you can choose between Health Department approved deep bore or Whangarei District Council water. We deliver within the greater Whangarei area or elsewhere in Northland upon request.

For all your water tank and water supply queries, contact Keith and his team today.