Truck Hire

truck hire whangareiWe currently operate 5 large tip trucks with 3 axles that can carry 10 ton each. That is equivalent to 7 cubic metres of metal or 10 cubic metres of dirt. We also have a very handy small tip truck that is suitable for lighter loads and can be used in less accessible places. It carries up to 3 ton which is equivalent to 3 cubic metres of soil or 2 cubic metres of metal.

Our tip trucks are most commonly used to transport demolition work materials such as metal, soil or concrete. We also supply and deliver metal and topsoil for all your construction projects and we can dispose of concrete that is no longer needed. In addition, if you hire any of our bobcats, diggers or other earthworks machinery, we will deliver them on the back of our tip trucks that are operated by our highly experienced and trained crew.

Our tip trucks are also used to deliver water tanks with the greater Whangarei area as we sell, supply and install plastic and concrete Aqua Tanks. Furthermore, we supply Health Department approved deep bore and Whangarei District Council water and one of our trucks can carry 10,000 litres to keep your tanks full in the summer.


Our 4-wheel-drive crane truck is the only one available in Northland and typically used where house building sites are located on top of really steep driveways as well as any difficult to access construction site. It is ideal to ferry loads of building supplies from bigger trucks onto the site, being able to lift about 3 ton close to the truck.An auger attachment further enables the vehicle to reach out to 10 metres to drill holes as deep as 13 metres and up to 1 metre in diameter. Much of this truck’s work is drilling offal holes.

If you would like to find out more about hiring one of our tip trucks or any other excavation machinery to kick start your next earthworks project, give Keith and his team a call today.