Water Delivery

water delivery whangareiWe deliver water to the greater Whangarei area as well as elsewhere in Northland upon request. Our water tanker carries 10,000 litres and can help you fill watertanks, septic tanks,swimming pools and flush marine tanks. Anything that needs good clean water in bulk, we will provide a quick and high-quality service.

Our water is being sourced from the Whangarei District Council as well as a private deep bore which has been approved by the Health Department. Depending on availability and demand, please allow a couple of days between order and delivery.

Water Tanks

Here at Wal’s Works, we also sell and install concrete and Aqua plastic water tanks. Which material is more suitable for you mostly depends on your preferences. While concrete is more fire-resistant, can be buried underground and keeps water cooler in summer, it is also more expensive and not always suitable due to its weight and bulkiness. Plastic, on the other hand, withstands earthquakes a lot better, is UV-resistant and a lot more cost-effective.

The size of our water tanks ranges from 500 to 31,000 litres and theywill usually be delivered and installed within a couple of weeks depending on demand. Our highly skilled machine operators will prepare the site for installation when your tank is being delivered by one of our tip trucks. We also offer ongoing repairs and maintenance of your concrete and plastic tanks including cleaning and sanitizing.


We cantreat your water and sanitizeyour water tanks to ensure the ongoing quality and safety of your water. At Wal’s Works, we can clean your concrete and water tanks without the need to empty the tank simply by vacuuming the tank floor.The whole process only wastes between 500 and 1000 litres and we can fill your tank at the same time. We also offer a water tank treatment called Anolyte to kill any bacteria in the water. Anolyte is completely free of chemicals and cleans, disinfects and sterilises your tank with the use of electrolytes.

For all your water supply and water tank queries, contact Keith and his team today.